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An Ordinary Miracle on a Roma Street in Israel Roma Flag  
"Ake vryama - ushti Rom akana" - "Now is the time - stand up, Roma"
From a Romani anthem "Djelem Djelem" .

Dear all!

I am indeed very happy to tell you that Roma Virtual Network has been officially recognized and registered as public organization (No. 580478410) according to decision of Certification Organizations Registry within the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

For your information, it is the second Gypsy organization in Israel after "Domari: The society of Gypsies in Israel" registered in autumn 1999 in Eastern Jerusalem. That organization in Arabic sector has been registered due to professional assistance of an Israeli Jewish lawyer. And these days our, first in Israel, Romani organization has been registered in a Jewish sector with the great help of an Arab Muslim lawyer Mr. Khaled Kasab Mahameed, who is also the director of unique  The Arab Institute for the Holocaust Research and Education, located in Nazareth.

In this letter I would like to use an opportunity and to express my gratitude to the ones among you who contributed with their advices, judicial and financial efforts to make this dream come true.



Below is an electronic image of the confirmative certificate on registration of Roma Virtual Network issued by the Certification Organizations Registry within Israeli Ministry of Justice dated by 20 August 2007.



Please, tell to the others in this world that THERE IS THE ROMA ORGANIZATION IN ISRAEL!!!

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Valery Novoselsky,

Editor, Roma Virtual Network.

Alumni, Roma Diplomacy Programme



P.S. Read the report on European Roma in Israel on



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